Photoproduction of a πN pair on nuclei and isobar configurations

I. V. Glavanakov, A. N. Tabachenko

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A model of πN pair photoproduction on nuclei at high momentum transfer is presented. The A(γ, π N). B reaction amplitude is obtained by means of an extended impulse approximation, according to which the nuclear wave function includes delta-isobar components in addition to nucleon components. A one-particle transition operator is defined in terms of the two-body γ N→ π N and γδ → π N photoproduction amplitudes. Direct and exchange mechanisms of the nuclear photoproduction reaction are studied, and numerical estimates are made and presented of C12(γ,π-p)C11 and C12(γ,π+p)Be11 differential cross sections at photon incident energies in the δ(1232) resonance region.

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