Photoactivated properties of TiO2 films prepared by magnetron sputtering

David Heřman, Jan Šícha, Jindřich Musil

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This article reports on photoactivity of sputtered TiO2 films induced by UV irradiation. TiO2 films were prepared by dc pulsed reactive magnetron sputtering using a dual magnetron operated in bipolar mode and equipped with Ti targets. The photoactivity of TiO2 films, characterized by the water droplet contact angle (WDCA) on the film surface after UV irradiation, was evaluated and discussed in detail. The structure of TiO2 film was measured using X-ray diffraction and surface morphology using AFM. A sharp decrease in WDCA to ∼10° has been observed for optimal sputtering conditions. Possibility of low-temperature sputtering (<90°) of photoactive TiO2 films on heat sensitive substrates has been introduced.

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