Pharmacokinetic studies of new silver-based complex

Vladimir Silnikov, Evgenii Plotnikov, Vladimir Plotnikov

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Objective: Investigation of pharmacokinetics parameters of the new silver-based compound of general formula C6H19Ag2N4LiO6S2, called “Argosil”, with high antiviral activity. Methods: Water solution of complex administered intragastrically in the dose rate of 100 mg/kg body weight of mice BALB/c (males) aged 1.5-2.0 mo. Blood and tissues samples analyzed by mass spectrometry. Results: Half-life of the drug was about 4 h at the initial stage. About 5% of the initially introduced silver detected after 24 h. Maximum drug concentration observed in the lung tissues. Conclusion: Results make the basis for further test and clinical implementation. Taken into account low toxicity and antiviral properties of this compound, it looks especially effective for lung infections treatment.

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