Petroleum Generation Potential of Bituminous Mudstones in Tomsk Region Bazhen Suite (Western Siberia)

V. B. Belozerov, V. E. Baranov, A. Y. Dmitriev

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The article reviews the prognosis for Bazhen suite HC generation potential in order to select primary commercially exploitable areas. A map of generation potential density for Bazhen suite passive reserves has been plotted. It is based on published papers on calculation of organic carbon concentration using the data of exploration and prospect well gamma-ray logging. The deliverables are compared with geochemical core examination results. Lithological heterogeneity of deposits underlying the Bazhen suite is systemized in order to estimate the possible decrease of the suite generation potential due to hydrocarbon migration to underlying deposits. Three types of cross-sections are distinguished - predominately sandy, alternating silt-argillous and argillous. An estimate of the proportion of Bazhen suite generation potential required for the discovered hydrocarbon deposit formation within oilgathering fields of the first (sandy) type thoroughly explored by deep-hole drilling was carried out. Both quantitative (types 1, 3) and qualitative (type 2) estimations of decrease of the initial generation potential density are carried out for the above-mentioned types. Taking into account the specific character of shale oil development, a further work is required in order to design for each type its individual set of shale strata operating conditions.

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СобытиеScientific and Technical Challenges in the Well Drilling Progress - Tomsk, Российская Федерация
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