Perspectives of the Use of Rapeseed Oil for the Doping of Waste-Based Industrial Fuel

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We have applied rapeseed oil to improve the industrial fuels based on waste-derived coal water slurry. This unifies the two modern trends of creation of the renewable and waste-derived fuels decreasing the consumption of combustible fossils. The fuel consisting of the filter cake of fiery coal (90 wt»%) and rapeseed oil shows an optimal ignition delay times (4 s) at 970 K, which is evidently better than that for coal water slurry doped by fuel oil. Simultaneously, it shows a stable combustion temperature exceeding that observed for composition with fuel oil. These results were compared with properties of the biofuel consisting of the rapeseed oil (65-70 wt»%) and biofiller made from dry straw. This composition shows good combustion properties at low temperatures. An optimal ignition delay (2 s) appears at T ≈ 825 K. The rapeseed oil itself shows the high fire safety during storage and less of the harmful exhaust gases than oil-processing wastes usually used within the waste-derived fuels.

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