Perfusion Scintigraphy in Assessment of Results of Course Treatment with Trimetazidine of Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease

V. I. Chernov, A. A. Garganeeva, J. V. Vesnina, Yu B. Lishmanov

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Course treatment with trimetazidine (60 mg/day, 14 days) in 14 patients with chronic coronary artery disease led to significant reduction of daily requirement in nitroglycerin, number of anginal attacks, decrease of intensity and duration of angina, and increase of tolerance to physical exercise. Effect of trimetazidine on myocardial perfusion in these patients was studied by single photon emission computer tomography (SPECT) with thallium (Tl)-199. Trimetazidine therapy resulted in significant reduction of average size of persistent perfusion defects and simultaneous increase (by 45%) of minimal level of Tl-199 uptake in the fixed perfusion defects. Improvement of myocardial perfusion caused by trimetazidine was also evidenced by significant reduction of size of reversible perfusion defects (on the average by 90%). These results were indicative of positive effect of trimetazidine on metabolism of ischemic myocardium and coronary blood flow in patients with chronic coronary artery disease.

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