Peculiarities of temperature fields formation in vapor channels of thermosyphons with heat carriers boiling at low temperatures

Аtlant Nurpeiis, Konstantin Ponomarev, Tatyana Nemova

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We conducted experiments on specially developed setup consisting of evaporation, transport and condensation parts. Heat was supplied to the evaporation part by the heating element which was supplied with voltage and alternating current from a single-phase transformer. Temperatures in the characteristic sections of each part were recorded by thermocouples. Junctions of thermocouples were mounted on the axis of symmetry in the liquid layer, at the lower boundary, in the middle part, and at the upper boundary of the vapor channel. To minimize the influence of the random factors (ambient air movement, operation of ventilation system, room temperature, etc.), we placed thermosyphon in a glass box. We used N-pentane as a heat carrier, and the filling ratio of the thermosyphon is equal to 4%.

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