Peculiarities obtaining of 111 in using 120 cm cyclotron

A. Bolshakov, A. Garapatski, V. Golovkov

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Background/Objectives: The review techniques for obtaining of 111 In and preparation of indium [111In] chloride, experimental results feasibility study and peculiarity for 111In obtaining for irradiations natCd and enriched 111Cd targets is presented. Methods/Statistical analysis: Some methods for obtaining 111In by means of nat Ag (α, xn) reaction with a particles from 16 to 30 MeV. However the yield 111In in this reaction in several times lesser, than in reaction 111Cd (p, n)111In. Moreover impurity nuclide 109In are resulted in 107Ag (α, 2n) reaction, that takes target cooling within 36 hours before separation 111In. All measured to the present time cross-sections of the reactions to obtain 111In are accumulated in database IAEA. Findings: It was shown, that technical production rate of 111In no less then 627 MBq/h can be provided with using 120 cm cyclotron P7M of Tomsk Polytechnic University. To increase production rate it needs to increase technical yield 111In in the target under irradiation, under its separation from the target and synthesise RPP. Applications/Improvements: 111In is interesting for radionuclide therapies of oncological diseases because it emits Auger electrons having a high linear energy transfer (LET), compared with LET a-particles.

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