Particle size composition of Holocene–Pleistocene deposits of the Laptev Sea (Buor-Khaya Bay)

A. S. Ulyantsev, S. Yu Bratskaya, E. A. Romankevich, I. P. Semiletov, V. A. Avramenko

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New data on the particle size composition of the Laptev Sea shelf deposits were obtained on the basis of results of low-angle laser light-scattering of core samples from the columns studied. It was revealed that the sand fraction dominates. The results of comparative analysis of the particle size composition of deposits show that the Laptev Sea shelf zone was characterized by highly variable spatial–temporal conditions and settings of sedimentation in the Quaternary, a polygenic character of deposits, and a pulsating influence of fluvial and slope processes on the conditions of sedimentation. A tendency of coarsening in the vertical sequence that contributes to thawing of the permafrost was revealed in the Ivashkina lagoon.

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