Partial-wave expansion for photoproduction of two pseudoscalars on a nucleon

A. Fix, H. Arenhövel

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The amplitudes for photoproduction of two pseudoscalars on a nucleon are expanded in the overall center-of-momentum (c.m.) frame in a model-independent way with respect to the contribution of the final-state partial wave of total angular momentum J and its projection on the normal to the plane spanned by the momenta of the final particles. The expansion coefficients, which are analogs to the multipole amplitudes for single-meson photoproduction, contain the complete information about the reaction dynamics. Results of an explicit evaluation are presented for the moments W jm of the inclusive angular distribution of an incident photon beam with respect to the c.m. coordinate system defined by the final particles, taking photoproduction of π0π0 and π0η as an example.

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ЖурналPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
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