Parametric synthesis of a robust PID-controller for interval control system with aperiodic transient process

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The paper is dedicated to a problem of synthesizing a PID-controller, which provides and aperiodical transient process of desired duration in a control system of the third order with interval parametric uncertainty. To solve the problem, a new method of synthesis was developed. It is based on a decomposing a characteristic polynomial of a considered system in two multipliers: Dominant polynomial, which determines allocation of a dominant pole and, consequently, quality of a transient process in a considered system, and non-dominant polynomial, which determines allocation of all other system poles. In order to provide a desired allocation of system poles, parameters of a PID-controller are divided to unrestricted ones and dependent ones. The research resulted in algebraic expressions for calculating dependent parameters of a PID-controller and a system of inequalities for finding its unrestricted parameter. Developed method of a PID-controller parametric synthesis allows placing an interval real dominant pole according to desired control quality and placing all other poles of a system in a desired part of a complex plane to provide necessary degree of a robust pole domination.

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