Parameters of scalar resonances from the combined analysis of ππ scattering and coupled-channel data

Yu S. Surovtsev, P. Bydžovský, T. Gutsche, V. E. Lyubovitskij, R. Kamiński, M. Nagy

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Peculiarities of obtaining parameters for broad multichannel resonances from data are discussed analyzing the experimental data on processes ππ → ππ, KK̄ in the scalar channel in a model-independent approach based on analyticity and unitarity and using an uniformization procedure. It is shown that one can obtain a good description of the ππ scattering data from the threshold up to 1.89 GeV with values of resonance parameters cited in the PDG tables as preferred. However, in this case the representation of the ππ background is not satisfactory and the data on the coupled process ππ → KK̄ are not well described, above 1.15 GeV even qualitatively. The combined analysis of the considered coupled processes is needed, which is also carried out satisfactorily. Then both above-indicated deficiencies related to the one-channel analysis are removed. The most important change concerns parameters of the f0(600) which are now in some accordance with the prediction by Weinberg on the basis of mended symmetry. The obtained ππ-scattering length agrees well with the values extracted from the data on Ke4 decay and DIRAC experiment and also with results from ChPT.

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