Parameters of flow in cyclonic elements of separator battery

Mihail Vasilevskiy, Pavel Nikolaevich Zyatikov, Alecsander Roslyak, Ludmila Shishmina

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Peculiarities of separation processes in cyclone battery separators have been considered on liquid and solid disperse phases. The difference in efficiency between individual and battery liquid separators is slight.Concentration of disperse liquid phase in refined gases is 0.1-0.3 kg/kg. In operating on dry gases with abundance of dust the separation condition changes due to peculiarities of disperse phase behavior from solid particles.Flow parameter assessments in cyclones by different correlation of flow areas at the input and output have been conducted. Differences of flow parameters in conical and cylindrical cyclones have been explored. The analysis and causes of unsatisfied work of industrial battery separator with cyclone elements have been carried out.

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