Parallel work of pseudospark dischargers for general load

K. A. Klimenko, A. V. Kolesnikov, Yu D. Korolev, V. G. Rabotkin, I. A. Shemyazkin

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    The research results have been presented for time-delays of the coming into action of pseudospark dischargers depending on anode voltage, gas pressure and start-up voltage. Operational conditions were selected to switch parallel a bank of capacitors for the general load in low-inductive electric networks. The mode of the parallel work of six dischargers has been implemented with 10 kamp current switched and with the pulse durability by the base ≈300 ns. It is pointed that special capacitors with minimum inductance of their own were used in experiments and the inductive decoupling between dischargers was minimal.

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    Страницы (с-по)135-139
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    ЖурналPribory i Tekhnika Eksperimenta
    Номер выпуска6
    СостояниеОпубликовано - ноя 1992

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    Klimenko, K. A., Kolesnikov, A. V., Korolev, Y. D., Rabotkin, V. G., & Shemyazkin, I. A. (1992). Parallel work of pseudospark dischargers for general load. Pribory i Tekhnika Eksperimenta, (6), 135-139.