Parallel visualization of CFD data on distributed systems

Marina A. Kornilina, Mikhail V. Iakobovski, Peter S. Krinov, Sergey V. Muravyov, Ivan A. Nesterov, Sergey A. Sukov

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The chapter discusses the parallel visualization of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) data on distributed systems. Visualization tools for detailed analysis of CFD results allow representing the general picture of gas dynamic flow and the detailed picture in some particular zones. The efficient system for parallel processing and visualization of large amounts of data obtained from CFD simulations should take the following aspects into consideration: individual processor node of parallel computer system cannot perform analysis of the full-processed data in acceptable time for interactive visualization; the RAM of individual processor is generally not enough for full data storing; and the majority of users have remote access to supercomputers via slow channels of global networks that do not allow transferring full data for reasonable time. For the purpose of visualization of numerical experiments, the chapter recommends a distributed system for interactive visualization remote viewer based on client-server technology.

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