Palladium catalysts deposited on silicon nitride in the deep oxidation of methane

I. A. Kurzina, F. J Cadete Santos Aires, G. Garcia Cervantes, J. C. Bertolini

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    The physicochemical and catalytic properties of palladium catalysts were studied in the deep oxidation of methane. The catalysts were deposited on silicon nitride from aqueous (Pd/Si3N4-a) and toluene (Pd/Si3N4-t) solutions of palladium acetate. The use of aqueous and organic solutions of palladium acetate, all other preparation conditions being equal, resulted in the formation of palladium systems with different catalytic properties. The sample from Pd/Si3N 4-t was characterized by high activity and stability. The systems studied had different structures and adsorption properties of palladium nanoparticles, which influenced the form of reagent adsorption, catalytic properties, and mechanism of surface reactions. The suggestion was made that the solvent played a key role in the formation of the active surface of Pd-containing catalytic systems.

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    ЖурналRussian Journal of Physical Chemistry A
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