Paleovariations of CO2 content in antarctic ice cores

I. P. Semiletov, A. M. Gusev, N. I. Barkov, N. V. Pozdnyakov, V. Ya Lipenkov

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The oldest information on paleovariations of CO2 and carbon isotopes is stored (by a kind of natural monitoring process) in sea water and bottom sediments (including corals), peat bogs, and lake sediments. The most reliable data on past variations in atmospheric CO2 are obtained by studying the annual rings of trees and air inclusions in glaciers, whose relationship to atmospheric changes is the least complex. In this paper the authors present the first measurements of atmospheric CO2 in the air inclusions of Antarctic ice core than 60,000 years old, obtained from a unique drillhole at the Soviet Vostok station and a drillhole at Kilometer 150 on the traverse from Mirnyy to Vostok.

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