Oxidation of aluminum in ultradispersed state in air

A. P. Il'in, L. T. Proskurovskaya

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Ultradispersed powders of aluminum, obtained by the electroexplosive technology, are structurally metastable which manifests itself in their reduced density. Such a state is characterized by the storage of energy which is equivalent to heating the particles of UDP by tens of degrees. Heating in air at high rates leads to spontaneous heating (to 2200°C) and the appearance of bound nitrogen (up to 30% A1N) in the products. The degree of oxidation attains more than 60% at less than 660°C. Relaxation processes in heating lower the temperature of the onset of oxidation. With increasing stored energy, the temperature of the onset of oxidation drops.

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ЖурналSoviet Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics
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