Oversized interference microwave switches with distributed power of a switching wave

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These are the results of research of the oversized (multimode) interference microwave switch at operating mode TE01. The switch was produced from two H-plane T-junctions being connected to each other through straight arms (series connection). Two types of oversized tees were considered. One was based on an oversized waveguide with 25×58 mm2 in cross-section and another was a package of regular H-tees operating at TE10 mode with a mutual switched arm. The operating frequency was 9.15 GHz. The conducted simulation showed the conditions of the "proper" TE01 mode at "open" and "close" states of the switch. Moreover, the relations between the arm' lengths and field intensity distribution were compared with the similar relations of a regular cascade microwave plasma switch. In additional, experiments were carried out at low power level.

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