Oscillations of polarized charge in solution of salt in polar dielectric: Possible application in element and isotope separation in biology and nanotechnology

M. Kazaryan, I. Shamanin, N. Melnik, I. Lomov, S. Dolgopolov, A. Lobanov

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In the work [1] is shown the possibility of the use the phenomena of the electrical-induced selective drift of cationic aquacomplexes in the water solution of the salts for creating of the new, non-electrode, power-saving technology of the solution enrichment by desired element. The development of the naturally-scientific basis of this technology has showed that inertial properties of formed in the solution over-molecular structural units - clusters depends from that"s dimensions. Dimensions of these clusters are in limits from scores of angstrom to fractions of micron, at the same time liquid mediums are the base of functioning both biological and technological systems. Thus, water solution of salt contains nanoparticles and biological and many technological systems are functioning with the assistance of nanoparticles. For example, the ordinary blood circulatory system or many of chemical processing. The casual or intentional action of aperiodic electric field on systems containing salts solutions produces some positive or negative effects. This work shows new approach for theoretical describing of salts solution in dielectric liquids and contains some data on the realized experiments.

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ЖурналNATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics
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