Optimization and Diagnostics Code for Technological Processes: Radiochemical Production Simulator

A. G. Goryunov, O. V. Egorova, K. A. Kozin, S. N. Liventsov, N. V. Liventsova, O. V. Shmidt

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A software-hardware complex with the possibility of simulating the functioning of technological processes with APCS in real and accelerated time is being developed as part of Project Breakthrough in order to determine the optimal operating regimes of the technological processes of the units in a closed nuclear fuel cycle. It makes possible monitoring and control functions and the visualization and archiving of the results of simulation, which makes it possible at the development stages of technologies to evaluate the degree of adherence to the requirements of the technological equipment, regulating organs and final-control mechanisms, measurement apparatus, and monitoring channels, to analyze the control and diagnostics algorithms, blocking and protection, and to make when necessary changes in the design being developed. The developed software-hardware complex is a stimulator that will make it possible not only to investigate process schemes with their corresponding algorithms but also to develop training complexes for the training and certification of service personnel.

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