This paper presents the results of an experimental investigation on the optical properties of the SixTi<yCzOw nanopowders, produced by the pulsed plasma chemical method. Pulsed plasma chemical synthesis is realized on the laboratory stand, including a plasma chemical reactor (6 l) and TEA-500 electron accelerator. The parameters of the electron beam are as follows: 400-450 keV electron energy, 60 ns half-amplitude pulse duration, up to 200 J pulse energy, and 5 cm beam diameter. The spectrum of the diffuse reflection coefficient R(hv) was measured using the AvaSpec-2048-2 (Avantes) spectrometer with the AvaLight-DHS light source (deuterium and halogen-tungsten lamp) and an integrating sphere. The band gap of the obtained composite is 2.03-3.12 eV.

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