Opinions of school counselors about bullying in Turkish high schools

Huseyin Uzunboylu, Basak Baglama, Nadide Özer, Tugba Kucuktamer, Marina Valeryevna Kuimova

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The aim of the study was to determine the opinions about school bullying of 25 school counselors working in 6 high schools in Osmaniye, Turkey. Using a qualitative method, we collected data through semistructured interviews. We used a content analysis method to perform an interpretive exploration of the counselors’ opinions on reasons for, and types of, bullying, precautions taken, and their recommendations for preventing bullying behaviors. Results showed that the school counselors encountered three main types of bullying; verbal insults, hitting others, and provoking others. We also found that the counselors needed to take precautions against bullying, to take steps to prevent it, and to develop intervention strategies for dealing with bullying behaviors. Implications are discussed, including practices to improve policies and to reduce and prevent bullying at high schools, and recommendations are made for further research.

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ЖурналSocial Behavior and Personality
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