Operating features of a high-voltage spark gap switch with gas blow normal to the breakdown path in a repetitively pulsed mode

N. M. Bykov, A. V. Gunin, S. D. Korovin, Yu D. Korolev

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    The results of studies of a high-voltage two-electrode spark gap switch (SGS) with forced gas blow at an operation voltage of up to 1.2 MV are presented. An SGS filled with nitrogen as the working gas at a pressure of up to 16 atm operated as the high-voltage switch of a high-current nanosecond electron accelerator. The gas flow was directed normally to the breakdown path. The SGS switched a 50-Ω forming line with an electrical length of 10 ns to a matched load. The voltage rise time across the electrodes before breakdown was ̃25μs. A stable repetitively pulsed mode is realized at operating voltages of 100-680 kV and pulse repetition rates of up to 270 Hz with a standard deviation of the pulse breakdown voltage of ≤1%. The physical mechanisms that determine unstable operation of the device during self-breakdown are analyzed.

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