One experimental possibility for η-nucleus observation

G. A. Sokol, V. A. Tryasuchev

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The η-nucleus production in photonuclear reactions in under study. Possible channels of η-nuclei production and decay probability are presented. The most suitable for registration is the π+n formation channel. Multilayered scintillation detectors are supposed to be used. A method of η-nuclei identification by registrating π+n pair of the investigated nucleus decay is suggested. The method uses angular and energy correlations of the emission particles. It is supposed to be implemented on the Pakhra FIAN synchrotron. At that, the usage both of the bremsstrahlung beam of γ-quanta and of the traced photon beam is possible. The estimates are presented.

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Sokol, G. A., & Tryasuchev, V. A. (1991). One experimental possibility for η-nucleus observation. В Sbornik - Kratkie Soobshcheniya po Fizike AN SSSR (4 ред., стр. 23-26)