On the van der Waals gas flow in a thermal jet

V. G. Gasenko, V. E. Nakoryakov

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Stationary subsonic and supersonic van der Waals gas flows in a thermal jet are considered. It is shown that in the case of ideal gas in length of both cooled and heated jets, temperature extremums can be observed, which is associated with the existence of bifurcation values of the Speed number, M = 1 and (inline equation). Concerning the van der Waals gas flow in the range of density values close to the critical one, there appear two more bifurcations of Mach numbers M ≪ 1, one of them in a cooled jet is anomalous, causes appearance of two temperature extremums in jet length, and is associated with anomalous behavior of sound speed. These regions of anomalous flows can actually be observed only for heavy gases like xenon.

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ЖурналJournal of Engineering Thermophysics
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