On the nature of emissions of polymethyl methacrylate excited by an electron beam of subnanosecond or nanosecond duration

V. I. Oleshko, E. Kh Baksht, A. G. Burachenko, V. F. Tarasenko

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The results of studies of the physical nature of emissions produced in polymethyl methacrylate excited by electron beams of a subnanosecond or a nanosecond duration are presented. The spatial, amplitude, and spectral-kinetic properties of emissions have been examined under an electron beam energy density varying from 10–4 to 4 × 10–1 J/cm2. It has been found that cathodoluminescence is the primary type of emission under low energy densities of the electron beam. When the energy density of a nanosecond electron beam and/or the number of pulses of excitation by a subnanosecond electron beam were increased, an electrical breakdown of polymethyl methacrylate occurred in the irradiated region. This process was accompanied by a burst of emission of dense, low-temperature plasma.

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