On low-energy effective action of noncommutative hypermultiplet model

I. B. Samsonov

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    We consider the noncommutative hypermultiplet model within harmonic superspace approach. The one-loop four-point contributions to the effective action of self-interacting q-hypermultiplet axe computed. This model has two coupling constants instead of a single one in commutative case. It is shown that both coupling constants are generated by one-loop quantum corrections in the model of q-hypermultiplet interacting with vector multiplet. The holomorphic effective action of q-hypermultiplet in external gauge superfield is calculated. For the fundamental representation there is no uv/ir-mixing and the holomorphic potential is a *-product generalization of a standard commutative one. For the adjoint representation of U(N) gauge group the leading contributions to the holomorphic effective action are given by the terms respecting for the uv/ir-mixing which axe related to U(1) phase of U(N) group.

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