On guaranteed estimation of the mean of an autoregressive process

V. Konev, S. Pergamenshchikov

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    This paper considers the problem of sequential point estimation of the mean of a stable autoregressive process with unknown scale and autoregressive parameters. The construction of a sequential procedure makes use of special stopping rules and some modifications of least-squares estimates. The procedure enables estimating the mean with prescribed mean-square accuracy uniformly in nuisance parameters. The uniform asymptotic normality and the asymptotic minimaxity of the sequential estimate are established. The asymptotic formula for the mean sample size is obtained.

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    ЖурналAnnals of Statistics
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    Konev, V., & Pergamenshchikov, S. (1997). On guaranteed estimation of the mean of an autoregressive process. Annals of Statistics, 25(5), 2127-2163.