On a criterion for testing the stress-strain state of dielectric materials

V. P. Surzhikov, N. N. Khorsov, A. A. Demikhova

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Experimental results on studying the electromagnetic emission of uniaxially compressed dielectric composite materials based on epoxy adhesive with a filler are provided. Time instances of the response of mechanoelectrical transformations (MET) to an acoustic pulse have been recorded. Analysis of the results has shown that the linearity of the dependence of a criterion for testing the stress-strain state Ki on the pressure applied to a sample only manifests itself if the sample size contains an integer number of half-waves and the generated normal vibrations are standing waves. It has been established that the transverse symmetric and longitudinal antisymmetric waves render the main contribution to the MET response for the determined critical frequency values.

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ЖурналRussian Journal of Nondestructive Testing
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