Observation of monochromatic and tunable hard X radiation from stratified Si single crystals

Y. Takashima, K. Aramitsu, I. Endo, A. Fukumi, K. Goto, T. Horiguchi, T. Isshiki, V. Kaplin, T. Kobayashi, T. Kondo, K. Matsukado, M. Muto, K. Nakayama, H. Nitta, Y. Okazaki, A. Potylitsin, T. Takahashi, K. Yoshida

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X radiation by 900 MeV electrons in accurately aligned 1-100 layers of 16 μm thick monocrystalline foils of Si was measured. We found intense and well collimated monochromatic photons, i.e. self-diffracted X rays (SDX), emitted to the "Bragg angle". The intensity of SDX was much greater than the parametric X rays from a Si plate of equivalent thickness. For 35.5 keV X rays with 100 layered Si target, absolute brightness of SDX was comparable to the synchrotron radiation from a 1.7 GeV storage ring.

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ЖурналNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms
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