Numerical study of the characteristics of the air condenser section

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Relevance of the work is due to the need to create a mathematical model of thermal processes in the air condenser section (AC). The purpose of the work is to the development and testing a mathematical model applied to the section AC condensation of low-boiling substances used as working materials in the organic Rankine cycle. A mathematical model was developed, and allows complex investigations that involve a change in the type of working material and geometric and operational parameters section AC. For the calculation of thermal parameters using a database of properties of substances REFPROP. On the basis of the mathematical model in Excel spreadsheet package developed a program for calculating the parameters and performance measures of AC. The numerical model studies have shown that the characteristics and performance indicators AC highly dependent on the type of substance. When changing external air temperature from-40 to 40 ° C heat flux in the AC falls to 175 ÷ 185 W/m 2 . The model allows to determine the number of sections and investments in the condenser of the known heat flow. Heat flow must be selected based on outdoor temperature taking into account the climatic conditions of the AC.

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