Numerical solution of crown forest fire initiation and spread problem

Valeriy Perminov, Elina E. Soprunenko

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In this paper the assignment and theoretical investigations of the problems of crown forest fire initiation and spread in windy condition were carried out. Mathematical model of forest fire was based on an analysis of known experimental data and using concept and methods from reactive media mechanics. The investigation takes in to account the mutual interaction of the forest fires and three dimensional atmosphere flows. The research is done by means of mathematical modeling of physical processes. It is based on numerical solution of Reynolds equations for chemical components and equations of energy conservation for gaseous and condensed phases. It is assumed that the forest during a forest fire can be modeled as a two-temperature multiphase non-deformable porous reactive medium. A discrete analog for the system of equations was obtained by means of the finite volume method. The developed model of forest fire initiation and spreading would make it possible to obtain a detailed picture of the variation in the velocity, temperature and chemical species concentration fields with time. Mathematical model and the result of the calculation give an opportunity to evaluate critical conditions of the forest fire initiation and spread which allows applying the given model for of means for preventing fires.

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Конференция11th International Forum on Strategic Technology, IFOST 2016
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