Numerical Simulation of the High-Voltage Switch Operating in a Self-Breakdown Mode

Vasily Yu Kozhevnikov, Andrey A. Zherlitsyn, Andrey V. Kozyrev, Vladislav S. Igumnov, Evgeniy V. Kumpyak, Aleksandr O. Kokovin

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In this article we construct the model of a highvoltage switch. The proposed model is based on the drift-diffusion approximation and it is constructed according to the principles of a two-moment discharge plasma model. Using this model, it is possible calculating the time-dependent characteristics of the switching process with high accuracy both in a simplified one-dimensional formulation as well as in the realistic two-dimensional axisymmetric configuration. The obtained numerical results perfectly fit with the experimental data of switching process and the triggering stability.

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Название основной публикации2018 26th Telecommunications Forum, TELFOR 2018 - Proceedings
ИздательInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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Событие26th Telecommunications Forum, TELFOR 2018 - Belgrade, Сербия
Продолжительность: 20 ноя 201821 ноя 2018

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Название2018 26th Telecommunications Forum, TELFOR 2018 - Proceedings


Конференция26th Telecommunications Forum, TELFOR 2018

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