Numerical Modeling in the Structural Study of Technogenic Rock Array

M. A. Tyulenev, S. O. Markov, M. A. Gasanov, S. A. Zhironkin

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The relevance of research underlies in the fact that numerical models of technogenic rock arrays can predict and evaluate structural and mechanical properties, which are very difficult or even impossible to study instrumentally. It is possible to simulate the technogenic rock array’s structure by the method of discrete elements, where each particle in the array structure is described separately. The article contains the method of numerical simulation of structure of bulk disjointed rock array, describes the basic initial and boundary conditions of the model; represents the visualization of numerical model of the array created with peripheral dumping (as the array with more textured and visual segregated granulometric composition). The ways of application of technogenic rock array numerical modeling in the mining process are described. Comparative analysis of real and simulated array structure shows the adequacy of the numerical model and the algorithm developed for its creation. In addition, the adequacy of the model is supported by a high convergence of the experimental and calculated dependence of the filtration rate values upon the particle size distribution of technogenic rock arrays.

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