Numerical investigation of axially symmetric electromagnetic wave excitation in a coaxial triode with the virtual cathode

V. P. Grigor'ev, M. Yu Antoshkin, T. V. Koval'

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Triodes with the virtual cathode of the coaxial type with a radially converged electron flow are promising devices for design of compact oscillators of electromagnetic radiation power pulses. Dynamics of an electron flow and excitation of axially symmetric electromagnetic waves in a coaxial triode with the virtual cathode are studied numerically on the base of the 2.5-dimensional code. Dependences of frequency characteristics, power and efficiency on parameters of the beam and system are presented. The power level and radiation efficiency in the triode are shown to be affected substantially by anode transparency. In the case of the low voltages ≈600 kV the electromagnetic oscillations have the broad frequency band, the efficiency ≈17-20% and the power ≈3.6 GW. Radiation becomes the more narrow-band and its power is increased if the voltage is increased.

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