Numerical and experimental research of heat and mass transfer at the heterogeneous system ignition by local energy source with limited heat content

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Numerical and experimental investigations were executed for determination of macroscopic regularities of heat and mass transfer processes under the conditions of the phase transformations and chemical reaction at the ignition of vapors coming from fabrics impregnated by combustible liquid into oxidant area at the local power supply. It was established that initial temperature Θp>1 of local energy source and volume fraction φ>30% of combustible liquid vapors in fabric are necessary for realization of ignition conditions in a system "fabric - combustible liquid - oxidant.". Thus three ignition modes are possible for such system. The most widespread mode is an arrangement of ignition zone near the lateral side of local energy source. Also we obtained approximating expressions of ignition delay time on initial temperature and characteristic size of a local energy source for fabrics impregnated by some kinds of combustible liquids (gasoline, kerosene, and diesel fuel). Its dependences may be useful at engineering calculations of fire danger for processes of single hot particles interaction with liquid combustible substances.

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