Nondestructive testing at nuclear facilities as basis for the 3S synergy implementation

Hans Michael Kroening, Dmitry Sednev, Dmitry Chumak

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After the Fukushima accident many people have lost the confidence in the save operation of nuclear power plants (NPP). Nevertheless, most of the countries with nuclear power plants under operation or construction, confirmed their plans to develop their nuclear capacity in the future. But without any doubt peaceful use of nuclear energy is a system which needs to be improved. There are three main elements to perform it - safety, security and safeguards (3S). If the capability of one of the elements is reduced, it could be compensated by another element's equipment, which could carry out the tasks of the damaged element. Undoubtedly, purpose coordination of the equipment that is present in every element of the system and introduction of novel equipment that is specially designed to accomplish tasks for two or three system elements, allows us to produce a breakthrough result that could not be obtainable by independent elements. This effect is called "synergy." The idea of the 3S synergy was aimed at improving the efficiency of the cooperation between these elements, which have relatively large number of common points, but in the same time have their proper features. Careful consideration has showed that the sphere of nondestructive testing (NDT) is most appropriate one to start 3S synergy implementation. NDT methods and devices are widely applied in each S-element and quite often could be retargeted. Therefore, 3S synergy implementation significantly increases level of confidence in NPP safe operation without changing the design of NPP and it allows covering both operating and constructing NPP all over the world.

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Другое2012 7th International Forum on Strategic Technology, IFOST 2012
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