Non-Markovian dynamics of fermionic and bosonic systems coupled to several heat baths

A. A. Hovhannisyan, V. V. Sargsyan, G. G. Adamian, N. V. Antonenko, D. Lacroix

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Employing the fermionic and bosonic Hamiltonians for the collective oscillator linearly FC-coupled with several heat baths, the analytical expressions for the collective occupation number are derived within the non-Markovian quantum Langevin approach. The master equations for the occupation number of collective subsystem are derived and discussed. In the case of Ohmic dissipation with Lorenzian cutoffs, the possibility of reduction of the system with several heat baths to the system with one heat bath is analytically demonstrated. For the fermionic and bosonic systems, a comparative analysis is performed between the collective subsystem coupled to two heat baths and the reference case of the subsystem coupled to one bath.

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ЖурналPhysical Review E
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