Non-isothermal desorption of droplets of complex compositions

Vladimir E. Nakoryakov, Sergey Ya Misyura, Sergey L. Elistratov

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This paper presents the process of non-stationary evaporation of aqueous solutions of LiBr-H2O, CaCl2-H2O, NaCl-H2O droplets on a horizontal heating surface. The following typical stages of heat and mass transfer depending on wall temperature have been considered: evaporation below boiling temperature and nucleate boiling. The significant decrease in desorption intensity with a rise of initial mass concentration of salt has been observed. Formation of a surface crystallization front at evaporation of a droplet has been detected. We have developed the experimental method for direct measurements of the mass of evaporating droplet.

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ЖурналThermal Science
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    Nakoryakov, V. E., Misyura, S. Y., & Elistratov, S. L. (2012). Non-isothermal desorption of droplets of complex compositions. Thermal Science, 16(4), 997-1004.