Niche-relief conception for stem cells as a basis of biomimetic approach to bone and hemopoietic tissues engineering

Igor Albertovich Khlusov, N. M. Shevtsova, M. Yu Khlusova, K. V. Zaitsev, Yu P. Sharkeev, V. F. Pichugin, E. V. Legostaeva

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An affect of relief features and quantitative parameters of model mineral matrix on in vitro structure-functional status of human lung prenatal stromal cells (HLPSC) and in vivo remodeling of mice bone/marrow system has been studied. According to data established, rough (Ra > 2 μm) implants with calcium phosphate micro-arc coatings simulate three-dimensional state of regenerating bone matrix. Such surfaces have own structure-functional sites (microregions) which were named by ≪niche - relief≫ and were necessary for maturation and differentiation of HLPSC to secreting osteoblasts. Maximum remodeling of mice bone/marrow system in heterotopic test in vivo was also observed under optimal parameters of osteogenic niche in vitro (approximately 43% average index of cellular alkaline phosphatase square to artificial microregion area). A probable cell-molecular mechanism of influence experimental 3D-modeling of bone surface on selection of quiescent or active state by endosteal niche has been detected. It connects with activating cellular production of bone matrix components (alkaline phosphatase, osteocalcin, collagen, calcium phosphates) that dissociate dimensionally stromal and hemopoietic elements, and with parallel diminishing TNFα secretion in intercellular medium. The data obtained develop our previous speculations about existence and sizes of artificial endosteal niche for osteogenic differentiation of multipotent mesenchimal stromal cells.

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ЖурналCellular Transplantation and Tissue Engineering
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