New metal ion and plasma surface modification methods

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The review is devoted to the analysis of the present state-of-the-art and development trends of the new methods and equipment being developed in the Nuclear Physics Institute, Tomsk (NPI), for dc vacuum arc-based ion and plasma materials processing. The features and advantages are demonstrated for the method of high-concentration implantation with compensation of surface ion sputtering by metal plasma deposition, the method of metal plasma deposition under repetitively - pulsed ion mixing with ion beams and plasma flow formed in the "Raduga-5" source, and the method of coating deposition and ion implantation, including an application of the filtered dc metal plasma source and high-frequency short-pulsed negative bias voltage with a duty factor in the range 10% - 99%. The features of ion implantation and metal plasma deposition for dielectric, semi-conducting and metal samples are presented.

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