Neue Leichtzuschläge aus Primär- und Recyclingrohstoffen

Svetlana N. Sokolova, A. Müller, Vladimir I. Vereshagin

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In the context of the necessity to reduce CO 2 emissions as manifested by the coming into force of the Kyoto Protocol, the production of thermal insulation materials with which heat loss in residential and industrial buildings can be lowered is of considerable significance. Here, lightweight granules that can be used as lightweight aggregates for concrete and as thermally insulating bulk fills play an important role. The recent developments in the manufacture of these thermal insulation materials, drawing on previously neglected primary and secondary raw materials sources, are worthy of particular note. In the following, a brief survey of mineral lightweight granules manufactured on the basis of a wide variety of constituents is given. After that, research projects conducted by Tomks Polytechnic University (Russian Federation) and Bauhaus University Weimar are introduced that focus on the development of lightweight aggregates from new raw materials sources. In Tomsk, zeolitic rocks were used, while the investigations in Weimar concentrated on the sand fraction of masonry rubble mixed with autoclaved aerated concrete.

Переведенное названиеNew lightweight aggregates from primary and recycled raw materials
Язык оригиналаНемецкий
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ЖурналBetonwerk und Fertigteil-Technik/Concrete Precasting Plant and Technology
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