New filters for symetrical current components

Mark Kletsel, Asemgul Zhantlesova, Pavel Mayshev, Bauyrzhan Mashrapov, Dauren Issabekov

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Negative- and zero-sequence-current filters based on inductance coil and magnetically operated switch with control winding without the use of current transformers are considered. The technique is presented for the calculation of coordinates of the points where the inductance coil and magnetically operated switch should be mounted for the cases of triangle and parallel arrangements of conductors of three phases of an electrical installation. The main unit for mounting the inductance coil and magnetically operated switch with the control winding near the electrical installation phases conductors is described. The relations for the parameters of filter components are derived. An example of the calculation of these parameters is given.

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ЖурналInternational Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems
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