New exact solutions of the Dirac equation. V

V. G. Bagrov, N. N. Byzov, D. M. Gitman, Yu I. Klimenko, A. G. Meshkov, V. N. Shapovalov, V. M. Shakhmatov

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Four types of external electromagnetic fields allowing an exact solution of the Dirac and Klein - Gordon equations are considered. The motion of the electron in such fields is of a specific character; however, from the mathematical point of view some of the problems reduce to cases already studied in earlier papers [1-4].

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ЖурналSoviet Physics Journal
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Bagrov, V. G., Byzov, N. N., Gitman, D. M., Klimenko, Y. I., Meshkov, A. G., Shapovalov, V. N., & Shakhmatov, V. M. (1975). New exact solutions of the Dirac equation. V. Soviet Physics Journal, 18(9), 1304-1309.