New aspects in the study on the meson photoproduction processes on nuclei

V. L. Kashevarov, G. A. Sokol, V. A. Tryasuchev, A. S. Kharlashin

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The π-meson photoproduction in the nuclear reaction γ+A→π+B*, B*→γ+B is studied. Recoil nuclei polarization is investigated from measurements of the reaction cross sections. Angular anisotropy of γ-transitions in nuclei gives information on the amplitude of the γ+N→π(K)+N process. The πγ -coincidence technique is to be applied to experimental study of two-stage photoproduction reactions. Evaluation of the πγ -coincidence for the reaction yields on 10B, 12C, 15N has shown that the experiment can be conducted at the Pakhra accelerator (Troitsk, Russia) and at the MAMI II accelerator (Meinz, Germany). πγ-Coincidence yields on a bremsstrahlung beam of the Pakhra accelerator are evidently comparable with the yields on a tagged photon beam of the MAMI II accelerator.

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