Neutronic properties of high-temperature gas-cooled reactors with thorium fuel

I. V. Shamanin, V. M. Grachev, Yu B. Chertkov, S. V. Bedenko, O. Mendoza, V. V. Knyshev

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High-temperature gas-cooled low-power thorium reactor units (RU) serve as ideal sources of heat energy for supply to remote areas, large naval bases and military garrisons. This study is focused on neutronic characteristics of a 60-MWth low-power thorium reactor core with fuel blocks and pellets of different configurations. The optimal configuration was selected from these combinations and enabled the reactor to operate for a minimum of 3000 days at a capacity of 60 MWth. Additionally, this study investigated the use of burnable absorber ZrB2 sprayed onto the lateral surface of the fuel pellets in the reactor to reduce the initial excess reactivity.

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ЖурналAnnals of Nuclear Energy
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