Neutron therapy in multiple-modality treatment of locally disseminated breast cancer

L. I. Musabaeva, E. M. Slonimskaya, V. A. Lisin, R. A. Shagiakhmetova, M. F. Yalova

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    The efficacy of radiotherapy with 6 MeV fast neutrons in multiple-modality treatment of primary locally disseminated breast cancer, relapses, and metastases is assessed. Forty four women aged 35-77 years with breast cancer were treated, 14 of these were primary patients, 30 - with relapses and metastases after previous treatment. Preoperative neutron therapy with 3 fractions 2.4 Gy each in a photoequivalent dose of 40 Gy had an expressed antitumor effect without injuring normal tissues in patients with local breast cancer. Neutron and mixed therapy of relapses and metastases of breast cancer caused a complete regression of the pathological foci in 93 and 62% of cases, respectively. Radiation ulcers of the skin after neutron exposure developed in 5 (18%) out of 28 patients. Prophylactic exposure to copper vapor laser prevented the development of radiation injuries of the skin.

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    ЖурналMeditsinskaya Radiologiya (Medical Radiology)
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    Musabaeva, L. I., Slonimskaya, E. M., Lisin, V. A., Shagiakhmetova, R. A., & Yalova, M. F. (1998). Neutron therapy in multiple-modality treatment of locally disseminated breast cancer. Meditsinskaya Radiologiya (Medical Radiology), 43(2), 49-54.