Network science and tourism – the state of the art

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Purpose: In recent years, network science has become a dynamic and promising discipline. This study aims to provide a brief summary of the subject and the application to the tourism domain. Design/methodology/approach: This paper is based on a non-exhaustive survey of the literature. Findings: The state-of-the-art of network science in tourism is explored and discussed, together with possible future developments. Research limitations/implications: This paper uses a limited set of works, those deemed the most significant to sketch the situation. The choice might be subjective, but the overall picture is clear. Given what accomplished so far, the methods of network science seem interesting both for their theoretical and practical outcomes. In essence, they provide a better and more objective view on the structural and dynamic characteristics of the tourism phenomenon and of the different tourism systems and components. Originality/value: This paper critically reflects on the state of network science and its application to the tourism domain. Even without claiming to be complete, this paper takes a general perspective approach rather than examining single topics or issues.

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