National security: Green production to ensure quality of labor force

Ekaterina Gayduk, Eleonora Matyugina, Olga Pogharnitskaya, Lyudmila Bolsunovskaya

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The purpose of the study is to the investigation of the characteristics of the green production in the context of ensuring national security. The authors used such research methods as analysis and synthesis, generalization, induction, a systematic approach. This paper proves the dual nature of the labor force involved in the formation of forward movement of the national economy, the state parameters of which are double as estimation criterion of the effectiveness of measures implemented. The combination of national security and the inseparable manifestation of the labor force status in this system are disclosed in the characteristics of the first as a whole system that allowed us to prove the mutually supportive component of national security. We highlighted the impact of production on health and employability directly during the production process and indirectly through the deterioration of habitat characteristics, as were the findings that had been supported by country-specific morbidity statistics, with a focus on regional specifics. The intensity of the integration the environmental component into production, which forms the ecological and ecologized types of the latter, supplemented by synchronization of implemented measures with the production process (in-process measures, follow-up measures, forestall measures). The paper also reflects the significance of compliance with proactive measures that complement the fulfillment of mandatory requirements ensuring the legitimacy of management and indicates the need of taking into account the specific characteristics of the territory of presence. The study based on evidence provided under the legislative and regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation and materials on activities of Russian companies.

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Событие2019 Topical Problems of Green Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering, TPACEE 2019 - Moscow, Российская Федерация
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